Everybody seems to have a solution for consumers on “vampire power,” which is the power that leaks from consumer electronics and other devices plugged in but turned off at the device. Generally, electronics are only 100 percent powered down if you physically unplug them or use something such as a smart power strip to control energy. Another interest concept item to manage this subtle power loss though is called the Power Socket Switch.

The Power Socket Switch, designed by Yong-jin Kim, lets you twist the plug in the socket 45 degrees to either side to manage the power flow on or off. The designer says it is steps like this which will help to wipe out that stand-by power that contributes to “almost 11 percent” of one’s monthly electrical bill.

image via Yanko Design
image via Yanko Design

One can wonder about this concept though, considering if it is truly a worthy design. Wouldn’t it be just easier to unplug and plug stuff back in? The repetitive nature of that movement would probably be no better or worse than having to twist the plug to flip the Switch on or off. We think the point of this though is to be a visual reminder of the fact that if you want to kill vampire power, you have to act upon that intention to do so.

Power Socket Switch [via Re-Nest]

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