What’s $996-$1281? For the average American, it’s a wild weekend in Vegas, maybe, or a new home appliance–but if you happen to be a high-rolling greenie, unaffected by the vagaries of the recession, it could mean your very own hand-crafted wooden computer mouse.

These beautifully handmade computer accessories are the product of Russian designer Alest Rukov; according to the designer’s website, the production of each mouse requires from three months to one year of natural drying, one day of producing its components with a milling machine, and two to three weeks of coating. Each piece is carved by the designer personally and is polished with linseed oil to bring out its detailing.

image via GreenLaunches
image via GreenLaunches

The Alest Rukov wooden computer mouse is available in a variety of woods that include Sapele, Ebony, Bubinga, and Makor, all of which, according to the designer, are harvested sustainably on special plantations. The mouse makes use of a high-quality optical sensor and has a special wooden mouse wheel thtat controls the volume on your computer.

Alest Rukov mouse [via GreenLaunches]

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