Months ago we brought you the story of a company working with a local Burger King franchise in New Jersey to harvest the kinetic energy of cars passing over a special metal plate built in the ground of the drive-thru area. This company, New Energy Technologies, seems to have hit upon something, as they are still around and doing even more testing of their energy generating technology.

New Energy Technologies says it recently updated its “MotionPower” technology during some of these tests, resulting in “a 25-fold increase in its capacity to capture energy from moving vehicles.” The company explained “the capacity to increase electrical output is largely determined by the MotionPower system’s ability to capture the greatest amount of ‘rolling’ or ‘kinetic’ energy of a moving vehicle – without causing driver and vehicle disruption, and without ‘robbing’ a vehicle of the energy it needs to accelerate.”

image via New Energy Technologies
image via New Energy Technologies

Continued field tests and enhancements to the core technologies of this system, according to New Energy, may lead to wide scale deployments on a variety of roads. Collection of large amounts of this kinetic energy could, at some point, “augment or replace conventional electrical supplies for powering roadway signs, street and building lights, storage systems for back-up and emergency power, and other electronics, appliances, and even devices used in homes and businesses.”

New Energy Technologies [via press release]

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