Among the many new designs for solar gadget chargers, the iPetals concept design by Tokyo-based web/graphic/industrial designer Mac Funamizu of Tokyo may be the most beautiful. It’s a solar charger that fans out to form a solar “flower” composed of teardrop shaped photo-voltaic panels, and folds up to create a stand for your iPhone.

Inspired by the SunnyFlower concept developed by Chinese designer Fendi Meng, the iPetals design maximizes PV surface area in the solar charger while maintaining a compact traveling profile. Funamizu adds innovation to the design by approximating the shape of a flower when the charger is fanned open, and by introducing a separate functionality as a phone stand to the charger when folded shut.

images via Petitinvention
images via Petitinvention

While the iPetals solar charger design concept is not currently slated for product development, its combination of aesthetic appeal and dual functionality has won widespread kudos for its designer.

iPetals Concept [via Greenlaunches]

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