GE is currently at work on a number of in-home, energy efficient products which will do their jobs at least as well as their less energy-efficient counterparts while reportedly offering the additional eco-benefits new technologies seem to be bringing these days. One of these upcoming items is the GE Hybrid Water Heater, said to provide “the same hot water homeowners are accustomed to, but requiring only about half the energy to produce it.”

GE says, for example, this new water heater saves around 2500 kWh per year or, in an item more consumers might understand, about $250 per year. The technology behind this device is specifically designed to “absorb heat in ambient air and transfer it into the water. Since it requires much less energy to absorb and transfer heat than it does to generate it …provides the same amount of hot water while using less energy.”

image via GE
image via GE

Features of this water heater include what is said to be a user friendly electronic control system, easy installation, an Energy Star rating, a vacation setting to even more efficiently manage energy and an integrated air filter. It is expected to be fully available by the end of the year.

GE Hybrid Water Heater [via Red Ferret Journal]

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