High tech, cute and cheap aren’t usually words that usually wind up a single product description, but the Flexio solar radio is the exception. This flat solar-powered radio concept is ready to go anywhere and do anything; it can fit in a purse or even a wallet, and comes packaged in that versatile, renewable material known as paper.

The new radio idea by designers Wu Kun-chia, Wang Shih-ju, Chen Ming-daw & Liou Chang includes a speaker on one side and a solar cell on the other, both of which are light and flexible. The only drawback to the design at present is that the radio only picks up one, pre-programmed FM station, and only within that station’s broadcasting range. Still, it’s hard to overlook the potential of a radio slim enough to fit in your back pocket, and cheap enough to give as a stocking stuffer.

image via Yankodesign
image via Yankodesign

Currently, the fixed-station aspect of the Flexio makes it a natural for radio-station giveaways and promotions, but according to the designers, it may be possible in the future to modify the design to pick up internet radio and via WiFi or WiMax.

Flexio @ Yanko Design

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