The energy-efficiency and long life of compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) have made them increasingly popular in recent years. But CFLs have one component that’s not as popular: mercury, which can be released from CFLs when they break. A new product from ClearLite called the ArmorLite Safety Eco CFL aimed at reducing the health risks associated with mercury contamination is now on the market.

According to ClearLite, the ArmorLite comes with a patent-pending safety coating that helps to capture broken glass and mercury should the CFL break. The bulbs also avoid the use of liquid mercury, opting instead for an alloy of mercury with other metals in a solid form.

image via ClearLite
image via ClearLite

While all CFLs contain some mercury, “the ArmorLite safety coating helps capture the broken glass and mercury” released from the bulbs when they break, said Thomas Irvine, president and CEO of ClearLite, in a statement. He adds that consumers can now feel more comfortable purchasing CFLs knowing that there is an added barrier between their homes and the toxins inside a CFL.

ClearLite [via press release]

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