Cell phone towers help you in making sure you have a clearer and longer distance connection on your mobile phone as you move around from location to location. These towers, like anything else, need power. One interesting idea for powering them is via wind power, which will soon be tested by a company in southern California. If these tests proof fruitful, the over 3,500 towers in that part of the country could someday all be wind driven.

Helix Wind plans to attach two small wind turbines it has designed atop cell phone towers by early next year, with a planned testing run time of one to three months. Assuming these turbines generate more than enough power to run the towers, the excess energy will be sold back to the electrical grid. The testing is being done in association with Core Communications Group on behalf of its tower company client, Vertical Green.

image via Helix Wind
image via Helix Wind

“Helix remains committed to developing innovative solutions that can power cell phone towers with wind power,” noted Ian Gardner, Helix Wind CEO, in a statement. “Even grid connected cell phone towers can benefit from renewable energy, and wind power can dramatically reduce the emissions and carbon footprint associated with them.”

Helix Wind [via GoodCleanTech]

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