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Sponsored Content

Only 1% of sustainability and green press releases we receive are reported on EarthTechling.  So, we launched our Sponsored Content advertorials to offer organizations the chance to share their green tech marketing news, product offerings, and insight with our interested green tech consumers and businesses.

What are the benefits?

  • Expose your marketing, PR, and product news to tens of thousands of green tech consumers and businesses.
  • Outstanding search engine optimization (SEO) benefits boost your site’s search rankings.
  • Low cost (CPI) compared to typical media publication rates.
  • Exposure through content syndication through re-posting into social channels.

What do I submit for a Sponsored Content column?

  • Share your news, idea, accomplishment, or products with a 4-7 paragraph column with up to 5 links back to your website.
  • Include 1-2 photos along with your column (or we can use our photos for your piece.) Make sure you have complete photo rights.
  • Include a short video we can embed within the column page (if applicable).
  • Include content word tags so we can help drive traffic to your column.

How is my column promoted?

  • Column title link posted “Featured Content” section of the website.
  • Content links and posts within the daily EarthTechling newsletter.
  • Social posting within Facebook and Twitter to our extensive and loyal audience.

Are there editorial guidelines?

  • Columns need to be related to some aspect of green technology, or sustainability.
  • We do not accept pornography, gambling, or medical-focused submissions.
  • We reserve the right to reject any column submitted.  If we reject the column, your full payment will be refunded.

How does a Sponsored Content submission work?

  1. Contact jason@earthteching.com with your interest in a Sponsored Post.
  2. Sign a short Sponsored Content Agreement.
  3. Pay the $350 fee per Sponsored Content post.
  4. Email your column, photos, and corporate thumbnail.
  5. Our marketing team will finish formatting what you submitted and schedule the post.
  6. Columns are typically posted within 2-3 business days of submission.

Questions?  Contact jason@earthtechling.com and we would be happy to help provide you with options and answers.


The EarthTechling Team