2015 Product Line Offers Enhanced Green Features, Smart Home Automation

Blu Homes today announced its 2015 Product Line of premium architect-designed homes, all of which boast enhanced features and generously expanded square footage at significantly lower prices. With its 2015 Product Line, Blu® Homes, Inc. (“Blu”), America’s leading provider of premium prefab homes, has been able to increase square footage and upgrade features—including many standard smart and green additions—while dropping home prices by up to $140,000.

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“We are trying to do something that is prototypically American—use imagination, determination, and a sense of empowered teamwork to disrupt a traditional industry by offering customers better choices on faster schedules with lower prices. Blu homes celebrate a gracious connection between sun-filled and spacious indoor living and the soulful satisfaction of a seamless link with the natural world. Our award winning designs and proprietary building systems are directed to one goal—quickly and conveniently delivering homes our customers can draw joy from living in,” says Blu Homes CEO Bill Haney.

“We want to provide home buyers and institutions worldwide with green buildings that are beautifully designed, high quality, healthy, and economical,” continued Haney. “We are thrilled that our advanced technology development program now allows us to offer our customers homes that are greener, smarter, more spacious and quicker to build, all at lower prices—even as home prices rise across the country.”

Blu’s 2015 Product Line offers more spacious versions of Blu’s award winning designs, as well as upgrades for space add-ons that make responding to customers’ unique needs easy and convenient.

Every standard model in Blu’s 2015 Product Line now includes sophisticated, iPad®-based home automation systems for remote management of lighting, media systems, security, and temperature controls.

Blu’s 2015 homes are also greener and healthier, with an all-LED lighting system standard in every home and features like hospital-quality air filtration systems that protect families from air pollution and allergens.

Blu’s 2015 Product Line continues Blu’s tradition of using steel-reinforced framing systems to offer stronger homes to a world with seismic, snow load, and wind load challenges, while offering two levels of insulation on every home to drop energy use, reduce carbon footprints, and offer homeowners the sense of peace that comes from living in a uniquely quiet house. These choices, when combined with a deep commitment to healthy and sustainable material choices throughout the home, offer customers homes that are uniquely healthy to live in, while dropping their energy bills and carbon footprints.

And while home prices across the country continue to rise, Blu’s 2015 products are now all available at a lower price point—despite increased square footage. “This represents a major win-win for Blu’s customers,” explainedMaura McCarthy, Blu Homes Co-founder and VP of Market Development, “including many who have been dreaming about their Blu home for years.”

With the introduction of its 2015 Product Line, Blu will now actively offer homes for sale in all 48 continental states.

For more information on the 2015 Product Line or Blu Homes, email info@bluhomes.com. Or, visitwww.bluhomes.com and follow Blu on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/bluhomes),Twitter (@BluHomes), and Instagram (@BluHomes).

About Blu Homes
Blu Homes (www.bluhomes.com) is the leading provider of premium prefab homes in North America. Designed inCalifornia and built in half the time of conventional custom homes, Blu homes feature soaring ceilings, walls of glass ‘letting the outdoors in’, luxury quality finishes, and integrated high performance technologies for convenient and comfortable living. Blu’s proprietary information technology enables customers to create their unique home design online in 3-D, and receive a clear, fixed price. Skilled craftsmanship and unique steel-reinforced building technology allow Blu to build beautiful, open-plan designs, ship them efficiently and complete them quickly for a simple one-stop process for its customers.

Built in its 250,000-square-foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Northern California, Blu’s inspired and nationally recognized products can be found from New York to the Colorado Mountains and the Pacific Coast. Visit www.bluhomes.com.

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