Mercedes’ semi-autonomous truck lets its driver relax on the highway

If you’ve ever driven a highway on a major trip, you know how monotonous it can get — and it only gets worse for big rig operators, who may spend every day on those uneventful roads. Mercedes-Benz may eventually let those long-haul drivers make better use of their time, though. It just recently demonstrated Future Truck 2025, a semi-autonomous concept vehicle that takes the reins on the highway. A combination of radar and stereo cameras keep the machine on the right course once it’s up to speed, freeing the driver to check up on the family or get work done. It can optionally talk to other vehicles to anticipate upcoming construction or traffic jams, and it’s smart enough to get out of the way if an ambulance comes speeding by.


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  • Reply July 11, 2014


    Great. That’s all we need: “Relaxed” drivers of 50-ton trucks travelling at 60 miles per hour . . ..
    Have a beer on me! If I run over someone, the truck did it!

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