Chinese hackers take command of Tesla Model S

The first documented successful hack of a Tesla Model S has come from China, Chinese security giant Qihoo 360 Security Technology announced Thursday.

The hackers were attempting to win $10,000 in prize money at a kick-off event during the SyScan +360 security conference, which is co-sponsored by Qihoo. They were able to gain remote control of thecar‘s door locks, headlights, wipers, sunroof, and horn, Qihoo 360 said on its social networking Sina Weibo account. The security firm declined to reveal details at this point about how the hack was accomplished, although one report indicated that the hackers cracked the six-digit code for the Model S’ mobile app.

2014 Tesla Model S
Chinese hackers claim they were able to gain control of the Tesla Model S’s door locks, sunroof, and other features.

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  • Reply July 18, 2014


    That’s the same “hack” as stealing the owner’s cell phone. I would not call that “take command of tesla model s”.

    The mobile app only allows control of some auxiliary systems and it would be very easy for Tesla to disable remote app access while the car is in motion and/or to allow the owner to turn the whole thing off. I would expect to see that in the next over-the-air firmware release, if not already implemented.

    That’s no hack, but if I were Tesla I would still give them the $10K and then declare that the software has been patched. This would make owners of all other vehicle brands wonder about how secure their own vehicles are.

    • Reply July 19, 2014

      Dirk Diggler


    • Reply July 20, 2014

      Tori Skidori

      That’s the same kind of concern I have about those home security systems you can manage on your phone, including turning devices in the home on and off or setting temperatures. Along with ‘butt dialing’ your home or having your kids mess with it, I’d worry about lost or stolen phones or hacking.

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