Must-See: Jon Stewart Roasting Republicans Who Willfully Deny Climate Change

“People are always complaining that the republican party ignores so-called climate change science, but there is a reason why they refuse to…,” Jon Stewart begins on The Daily Show last week. If you haven’t already heard, republican leaders in the Senate threaten another government shutdown over climate action.

Watch this hilarious episode showing republicans hearing from their own party why they urge lawmakers to take action on climate change.

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  • Reply June 25, 2014

    Alec Sevins

    I’m tired of seeing wind turbines offered as a prime example of how to fight climate change. The cost of ruined landscapes, sleep-robbing noise, shadow flicker and dead flying creatures is just too high. They don’t’ even supplant existing power plants because wind is erratic and needs backup power.

  • Reply June 25, 2014


    Mocking is not the logical debate. Politicians need fake crisis to deconstruct my home land’s freedom. Weather changes, duh, but this is a slow motion crisis & a storm in a tea cup. Politicians can create better crisis by supply weapons to ISIS and then react to the crisis arming ISIS has created. Barry has blood on his hands and no plausable denialability for treason of aiding enemy of USA.

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