The Experience So Many Will Go Through… That Will Disrupt The Auto Industry

The Experience So Many Will Go Through… That Will Disrupt The Auto Industry (via EV Obsession)

One of our writers, Sandy Dechert, recently sent me an excellent GMO Quarterly Letter—in particular, she sent along a part of it written by Jeremy Grantham regarding the Tesla Model S. I’ll first share this segment of the letter before adding my…

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    Electric Cars are an Emerging Technology:
    The Tesla Roadster totally bricks, and both Telsa’s can’t be easily pushed if they break down.
    (supposedly the Model S has a tow mode, but it’s electronic, so don’t expect to always be able to push it to the side of the road if it breaks )
    The Nissan Leaf is too heavy and will have suspension and brakes issues because of it.
    The best electric car may just be the Chevy Spark EV due to the cost, range, handling and it’s regenerative braking.
    Expect Serious Improvements for Electric Cars in the next few years.

    Consumers Reports is not who you should get car advice from:
    What Consumers Reports says is biased or worse, considering that they used to say buy any Toyota or any Honda, they are all good. No automakers models are all good, unless they only make one model. And at the time both Toyota and Honda made numerous junk models.

    As for Specific Models:
    For example, CS liked the Toyota LE Van which was unserviceable junk, and they thought the Honda Passport was good, but the Isuzu model that was re-badged as the Passport was bad, yet they were exactly the same SUV both made by Isuzu. But my favorite is that CS said my Audi 4000 Q was bad, when it’s actually the best all wheel drive car ever sold in the US.
    Frankly your auto mechanic can probably give you better advice than CS.

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