UK EV Charging Network Cross 100,000 Charging Sessions

Even as the United Kingdom national government moves to put millions more into developing additional electric car charging points, existing charging networks continue to celebrate new milestones of success as the number of electric vehicle owners rises. One of these is Charge Your Car (CYC), said to be the first “open network” of recharging points for EVs in that country.

CYC, which operates by providing a single national charge point management system to which charge point owners can connect charge points, said its network of over 1,500 locations recently achieved over 100,000 charging sessions. This magic number translates into roughly over 549,000 kWh of electricity drawn from some combination of the over 1,600 registered users in the system.

image via CYC

image via CYC

The CYC network is said to be built upon open source software and makes use of a single RFID card that can be used across the United Kingdom not only at charging points within the system but also on other networks. Things kicked off for CYC back in 2010 in the northeast part of England, and it was at one point the nation’s largest regional charging network before going cross country.

Tied to the CYC chargers is a smartphone app that works with around 1/3 of the network to date. It lets users do a variety of things, including searching for charging facilities, a live map that shows the current status of all charge points across the network and the ability to start/stop a charging session.

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