Kombi EV Not Exactly VW Microbus Of Old

An emerging American manufacturer of all-electric vehicles is set to debut its first compact utility electric commercial offering, it was announced last week. Known as the Kombi EV, it reportedly will be capable of a range of over 50 miles on a single charge.

Looking a little like the Volkswagen Type 2 Microbus of old from the front, the new vehicle from Cenntro Motor strangely parallels the iconic VW in name as well. While it remains to be seen if the German automaker will take issue with it, for the time being at least the Kombi EV is set to debut in the second quarter of this year. It is said it is being produced domestically, but the specifics of that were not spelled out by the manufacturer. As recently as mid last year a location had not yet been settled upon apparently.


image via Cenntro Motor

The Kombi EV features a 6.2 kWh Samsung battery and makes use of KLD Energy Technologies oneDrive electric drivetrain system. Performance specifications on the Cenntro website indicate this vehicle achieves a 240 MPGe ability on the highway and, in at least one of two possible configurations it will be available in, can hit a top speed of 31 miles per hour.

Envisioned as being usable for a variety of applications, such as on corporate campuses, military bases or planned communities, this electric utility offering will be capable of carrying an 800 pound payload. The initial release of the EV model, low speed variation, might be supplemented later in the year with newer off road and faster model choices.

“The Kombi offers consumers an affordable, safe driving experience at an extremely competitive price that benchmarks with other gas and battery electric vehicles in the segment,” said Marianne McInerney, Executive Vice President of Cenntro Motor, in a statement.

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