Macau Gambles On BYD Electric Buses

Even with the passing of the holidays, Chinese automotive giant BYD hardly took time off when it came to implementation of its continued global strategy of electric bus deployments. Fresh off of word of an introduction of its offering into London comes news of a new trial program in the Asian “Las Vegas” region of Macau.

BYD said Macau, in running its “Electric Vehicle Pilot Program,” is evaluating the energy saving effects and emission reduction of electric cars. It chose the BYD e-bus for a “phase 2 test to further implement green technologies.” Given the density of population here, motor vehicle emissions are a major source of air pollution. Getting more people into zero emissions public transportation certainly would cut that down, perhaps significantly.

image via BYD

image via BYD

One major question which will be looked at during this phase of testing in Macau is the electric bus performance on the complicated roads of the city’s old town and “historic core districts to test its energy consumption rate, driving range, braking system, fuel economy, energy saving and emission avoidance. The whole process will be monitored by an expert team which is made up of Macau government officials, technical professionals, and experts all over the world, which sets the bar quite high for BYD.”

How electric buses are ultimately received in Macau, who’s per-capita GDP is 73,000 USD, remains to be seen. If the stated driving range of 250 km can be achieved daily without need for a battery recharge, it might be viewed well by locals as an alternative to the traditional diesel buses.

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