Tesla Model S Gets Some Happy News

Tesla Motors, as it awaits findings from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) investigation into possible issues around fires in the Model S related to accident-impacted batteries, is going out of its way to highlight positive safety related commentary from government bodies. This includes new information from the NHTSA as well as the German Federal Motor Transport Authority, Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA).

The KBA, according to Tesla, told the automotive start up back at the end of November that it was satisfied enough with data and additional information provided to it regarding the post-crash fire incidents in Seattle, Tennessee and Mexico to close its own investigation into these events. It deemed no further measures were necessary under German law to address the situation, which is good for Tesla at a time when it is pushing hard into the land of BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

2013 Tesla Model S

Image courtesy of Tesla

Back in the United States, meanwhile, the NHTSA, even as it conducts its investigation, reaffirmed for the time being “the 5-star safety rating of the Tesla Model S overall and in all subcategories for Model Year 2014, confirming the highest safety rating in America.” This rating was first assigned to the electric car this past August.

And, in icing on the cake for Tesla, it was recently revealed by Consumer Reports that existing owners of the Model S are extremely happy with their cars, giving the EV the highest owner satisfaction score seen by the watchdog group in some years.

All of these feel good moments aside, if the findings from the NHTSA come back revealing there is a serious safety issue with the Model S battery, it could have serious repercussions for public perception of Tesla.

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