ICON E-Flyer An Electric Answer To Retro Cycling

Are vintage-looking electric bicycles the new thing for those wanting to combine old school looks with green technology? We saw this to an extent with the Caterham Classic E-Bike last week, and now another offering coming down the bike path heralds from ICON, a maker of high end vehicles “with a classic aesthetic hiding modern chassis engineering.” Enter the E-Flyer Electric Bicycle.

The E-Flyer, which is available in a limited edition run of 50 bikes each costing $4,995, is said to capture “the classical elegance of the board racers that so effortlessly tackled the grand oval motordromes of the World War I era.” Now whether you buy this or not, you do have to admit it is a gorgeous looking cycle. It also doesn’t hurt in the pure electric vehicle specifications either, offering up an electric drivetrain consisting of a 3,500 watt brushless motor powered by a 52-volt, 12.5 aH battery that together offer a maximum range of up to 35 miles and a top speed of 35 miles per hour (in “race” mode).

image via ICON

image via ICON

Weighing in at a hefty 57 pounds is in part due to the battery, which reportedly has a recharge time of up to two hours with the included charger. Regenerative braking also comes as a feature on the technology side.

ICON certainly seemed to spare little expense in the E-Flyer, which was a collaboration with Vintage Electric. Its frame is made from hydroformed aluminum, while the forks are billet aluminum and steel. The leatherwork was hand done by Brooks England. All of this is wrapped up in plated finishes that are a combination of brushed stainless, nickel, and brass.

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    Nad Colors

    I could build a real electric road bike from scratch for $5K . this thing is a joke.

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