VW’s X1 Concept Car Goes 62 Miles On 1 Liter Of Gas

I’m attending the Society of Environmental Journalists annual conference in Chattanooga, Tenn., this week. Thursday night, those of us mingling in the conference sponsors’ exhibit hall got quite the treat: Volkswagen (which operates a LEED Platinum plant here in Chattanooga) was on hand to unveil the X1, an uber efficient concept car that’s never been seen in the U.S. before.

Bearing a striking resemblance to the Honda Insight (the Volkswagen people hated it when I said this out loud at the unveiling) the X1 could possibly be the most efficient car in the world. The two-person plug-in/diesel hybrid looks and feels like a space ship, but no rocket can come close to its MPG. According to VW, the car was designed to be able to travel 100 km on 1 liter of diesel fuel–the equivalent of 240 miles per gallon! Unfortunately, production is extremely limited, and with a price tag of nearly $150,000, it’s not hard to see why.

Enjoy the snaphots!

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    $150,000?! What a freaking tease! Who’s going to afford this? Car for the stars? And as if they even care about the environment..

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    Das Hues

    These ones built this car; http://www.eliomotors.com/shots/

    And they used this powerplant (they could have just built
    the car around the powerplant front wheel drive and the transmissinon
    and made the rear wheel nothing more than a dragger wheel with a brake.)

    made overseas in India.

    When they could have used this engine which puts out 55.3 ft lbs of
    torque at 3200 rpms (aproxamately the same as a Kawasaki KLR 650) and costs under $2500 brand spankin new. Kohler CH 1100 Briggs & Stratton make similar engines.

    Or this trusty Harley Davidson engine that get’s 60 MPG right out of the box from the factory(that’s installed in a motorcycle with poor Aerodynamic qualities)

    or the even better S&S V-Twin

    and put a simple inexpensive CVT transmission behind it; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Continuously_variable_transmission

    (A continuously variable transmission (CVT) is a transmission that can change seamlessly through an infinite number of effective gear ratios between maximum and minimum values.)

    or a extra reliable 3 speed behind it like the one in a 1963 Ford Falcon. Using that
    tranmission behind the power plant put good mufflers on it a
    catalytic converter and jetted the carberators properly so as to pass
    emissions testing. Even though it would be classified as a Motorcycle. And used something such as a shaft drive with a
    differential for the drive wheel off of a Large displacement touring
    motorcycle and never have to bother with a chain.

    And to further exaserbate their lack of understanding they put these giant
    sized automobile tires on the thing when anyone with any mechaanical
    knowledge whatsoever knows that skinnier tires with high air pressure
    and a smaller profile (thickness of the tire) and a taller wheel (rim)
    are many times more efficient and less expensive to operate. And then
    they have the front wheels out in the airstream which cause even more
    hassles with air drag which is the reason for the 3 wheel Tadpole design
    in the first place is Aerodynamic efficiancy, air stream, wind drag, (whatever its called)

    And if they had used these powerplants made here in the USA and other
    parts made by Union workers here in the USA they could have labeled the
    thing “Proudly made in the USA” by Union Workers but no, “they know
    everything” [sic]

    • Reply October 8, 2013

      Das Hues

      I would be on this project right now but you know “we” are too easily excited about Monster Trucks and sport drinks so “We’ just sit on our hands untill it’s too late.

  • Reply October 8, 2013

    Das Hues

    Or perhaps power a S&S engine with propane or natural gas and have almost no emssions at all.

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