Voltaic Launches 6 Watt Solar Panel, Drops Price On Solar Kits

Voltaic Systems, one of the leading makers of solar-powered gear, recently announced the addition of a new solar panel to their prolific line of products. The newest sun-harvesting gadget is a 6 Watt, 6 Volt panel the company claims is the perfect size for charging larger smartphones and 7″ tablets.

At less than 9″ long, the waterproof, lightweight 6 Watt panel is easy to stow in a suitcase or back pack, always available if you need a boost while far from an outlet. Joy over the new addition seems to have put Voltaic in an especially good mood, as they also announced a price drop on the 16 Watt Solar Charger Kit and a way to win a free USB Flexlight.

Voltaic New Solar Charging Kits

Image via Voltaic Systems

“Three new kits use this panel,” explains Voltaic, “the 6 Watt Kit is great for phones and smaller tablets, the 12 Watt Kit is a fast charger for larger DSLRs and 10″  tablets, and the 18 Watt Kit will charge laptops. You can also connect the 6 Watt panel directly into your existing 4 Watt OffGrid, Fuse 4W, Switch, or Amp to increase your power by 150%” And if you’ve been eye-balling the 16.8 Watt, 18 Volt panel, now’s the time to pull the trigger: the price just dropped from$159 to $129.

As if all of that weren’t exciting enough, Voltaic is also giving you the chance to snag the USB Flexlight–a super-bright and lightweight LED light that plugs into any of the company’s batteries–absolutely free! All you’ve got to do is post a photo of your current Voltaic solar charger, battery or light on the company’s Facebook wall in the month of September. After you’ve posted the picture, simply emailsupport@voltaicsystems.com with your mailing address and the Flexlight will show up at your door.

More on the new 6 Watt panel below:

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    Peak Solar

    Hope the solar kit that use this are not this bulky 🙁 in the pic they are bulky, if they can make it more portable then ill be the one of the foremost buyers!!

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