GolfBoard Brings A Cooler Electric Vehicle To Golfing

Those wanting to golf typically must either walk the course, heavy clubs in tow, or make use of a clunky golf cart. A start up though has come up with an interesting mid-way point between these two transportation means, currently seeking through crowdsource funding site Kickstarter support for its electric vehicle that looks something like a big skateboard.

The Golf Board is designed to let you and your golf bag ride on it in either a bag mount and stability handle configuration or by classically carrying your clubs slung over your back. One controls movement of the board through a custom wireless Bluetooth remote, while 3.5″ wide and 9″ tall turf tires “sourced directly from the golf industry” help to keep riding this vehicle a stable experience. Also helping out in this regard is a proprietary stability system that¬†includes bi-directional rotary dampers.

image via Sol Boards

image via Sol Boards

Powered by “automotive grade” 25000 mAh lithium iron batteries contained within a low profile deck compartment, the Golf Board is capable of a top speed of around 12 miles per hour. It is built towards having a range typical of that of a 18+ hole golf course, even in hilly conditions.

The boards which individuals stand on as they ride around a course are custom built so they can “handle more extreme conditions,” and originated as 4 wheel drive electric mountain boards. Afterwards, they began

tinkering with these boards for a few years and riding in all types of conditions, [finding that] the golf course was rated as the ultimate place to ride by our group of friends.

Professional engineers were then brought in to supplement work being done on the board design.

Those behind the Golf Board have previous experience in the electric vehicle industry, among others. They’ve already completed some of the steps necessary to bring the board to market, and now are looking to fans to help fund mass production, tooling and deployment.

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