EV Pilot Program In UK Monitors Load On Local Power Network

The cluster of news around electric vehicles and supporting infrastructure in the United Kingdom continues. We’ve already written about the huge amount of money going into keep its green vehicle industry competitive, and we also know about its new electric vehicle charger subsidies. Now there’s word of My Electric Avenue, a joint venture which looks to create  10 ‘clusters,’ each with a minimum of 10 neighbors, to drive Nissan Leafs for 18 months to examine the impact of charging a group of electric vehicles on the local electricity network.

The project, which is the first of its kind in the UK, is being led and delivered by EA Technology, a power networking company, and is receiving backing from Ofgem through the Low Carbon Network’s (LCN) fund. Others involved in it include Nissan and Drayson Racing Technologies, an electric vehicle racing outfit that is considering becoming one of the first workplace charging clusters to be formed as part of this endeavor.

image via Nissan

image via Nissan

Nissan said that “despite the project only launching officially on 3 June 2013, there have already been more than 700 registrations of interest.” Those who are chosen to be put into a Leaf will get one

at an exclusively subsidized rate, as well as trialling new technology which monitors and controls charging. All people in each cluster must be on the same feeder from the local electricity substation – in practice this means that they should either all live on the same street, or in very close geographical proximity. Participation in the project is subject to eligibility and availability.

“Electric vehicles have a key role to play in helping to reduce the UK’s carbon emissions, so it is essential to carry out research to ensure that the local electricity network can cope with increased numbers of EVs,” said former government minister Lord Drayson, owner of Drayson Racing Technologies, in a statement.

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