Connecticut Utility Answering EV Questions Over Phone

A lot of questions exist for would be electric car buyers. Are the vehicles worth the cost? Will they really go as far range wise as advertised? What are the differences in the various levels of charging stations? Usually you can turn online for these answers, but sometimes picking up the phone and asking an “expert” might just be a little easier. That’s the idea in Connecticut anyhow via a new call center dedicated to helping folks understand EV technology.

The call center is actually not brand new within itself, but rather a portion of the customer service questions which can be addressed for customers and communities associated with Connecticut Light & Power. Its center in Windsor, CT is taking questions from those with EV curiosity during the week days.

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Connecticut Light & Power, through this center, will provide customers

access information and advice about vehicles and related equipment, payment options, optimal placement of charging equipment, and best industry practices. The information center will also provide cost estimates for operating and charging electric vehicles and offer referrals to other companies for additional information.

The number – 855-INFO4EV (463-6438) – also corresponds to a website with related information for those who prefer to look it up on their computers.

“We’re excited about the launch of our new electric vehicle information hotline to offer customers expert service, information and guidance about electric vehicles and vehicle charging options,” said Penni Conner, Senior Vice President and Chief Customer Officer at Northeast Utilities, CL&P’s parent company, in a statement. “CL&P is providing a single point of contact for our customers and communities, making it easy for them to find the answers they need to make informed decisions about electric vehicles.”

The unveiling of this new EV information hotline comes at a time when the state is ramping up its own plans as electric cars slowly become more prevalent. It recently announced a new $200,000 initiative that will “provide financial incentives for private businesses and municipalities that are interested in installing publicly accessible electric vehicle charging stations.”

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