American Electric Unicycle Finds Its Way Across The Pond

The electric unicycle is coming to the United Kingdom and Ireland – at least the one from Focus Designs, which we covered back in November when SBU V3 was unveiled. It is being imported by Eddyline and will price for £1,685.00 each.

From what we can tell there’s pretty much no difference between the American and imported versions the Brits and Irish have access to. SBU V3 stands for Self Balancing Unicycle, and as the name implies, helps to keep you from falling face first into the road. It is controlled through a process known as natural leaning motions.

image via Eddyline

image via Eddyline


Taking up to half an hour to master, motions you make, such as naturally turning, are detected through on-board 3-axis accelerometers and gyros sensors said to help provide you with stability assistance in this particular scenario. Also, if you happen to be overdoing it on the unicycle, it will push you backwards in such a way as to let you know it is nearing its physical limits.

SBU V3 is designed to be portable, weighing 12.2 kg. It could, in theory, be carried onto mass transit in a way that’s more compact than a bicycle. It is crafted from 6061 steel alloy and capable of carrying a load up to 148 kg.

Performance specifications indicate it can reach a top speed of up to 25 km/h and a maximum hill climbing capacity of 30 percent grade. Its range on a full charge is between 12 and 16 km, depending upon various conditions, and it is powered by a lithium iron phosphate battery pack.

This electric unicycle has as well an electric motor brake, and also features regenerative braking to help recharge the battery when one leans backwards to slowdown, turning the electric motor into a generator to capture kinetic energy.

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