United Kingdom Region Sports Strong EV Charger Network

The United Kingdom is racking up the green transportation development miles of late. Pumping over $1.5 billion of public and private dollars into domestic green vehicle markets to keep them competitive. Investing heavily in more eco-friendly forms of mass transit. And now build out of a massive electric car charging point network.

Zero Carbon Futures, in making the announcement, noted the North East region now has 1150 charge points in the area, including a corridor of quick-charge points to take drivers from Scotland to Yorkshire. Set up in 2010 as one of the first Plugged in Places programs funded by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles, it now thoroughly services an area that “has the highest number of EVs per head in the UK.”

image via Shutterstock

image via Shutterstock

Specific to this car charging network there exists 737 standard points, 401 domestic charge points and 12 quick chargers. Given the density of these, it was found recently that North East EV drivers were no more than 5 km from a charge point and that 93% of those that participated in a study are less than 40 km. This distance is considered within normal operating parameters for most modern electric cars.

Given that there is already what appears to be good ownership of electric vehicles in this region, it correspondingly makes sense use of the charging network would be good as well. Data shows that, in 2013, public charge points have been used 26,315 times, delivering 178,000 kwh of electricity and reducing EV drivers’ fuel bills by £88,819 over a total of 745,133 miles. This equates to a saving of over 144 million grams of C02, according to Zero Carbon Futures.

For the curious, this infographic below spells out more how this charging network has impacted its region:

“The North East has reduced EV range anxiety through research and implementing an infrastructure to support the technology in becoming the future of transportation,” said Josey Wardle, Zero Carbon Futures infrastructure manager, in a statement. “As Plugged in Places draws to a close, our next aim is to demonstrate what we have achieved by transferring this expertise to other regions to help make the UK fully connected.”

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