New A4000i Electric Scooter An Uber iPhone Accessory

Terra Motors has unveiled a new electric scooter in Japan that has as its main feature a smartphone connection for monitoring information on your driving. There’s also a non-smartphone electric scooter as well that is its sibling, but that’s not quite as fun as the one which syncs with your iPhone, now is it?

The A4000i, according to Terra Motors [PDF], has a place you can rest your iPhone on the front dashboard of the scooter. It is compatible with the iPhone 3G-5 and will offer up a variety of information to drivers that can also be monitored through the Internet. This data initially will include electricity consumption while driving and the remaining battery charge. The company, which will have access to the information through its “cloud database,’ said it will analyze what’s transmitted, including location, to “deliver new services” which could include personalized advertisements.

image via Terra Motors

image via Terra Motors

While the thought of ads being pushed to my iPhone as I drive by a McDonald’s isn’t that thrilling, Terra Motors could have a market for this in the form of these scooters sold to rental companies in Asian cities. Plans call for big sales numbers from the electric scooter developer, targeting 500,000 units pushed by the end of 2015.

In terms of road specifications, the two-seater A4000i puts up decent numbers for its electric drivetrain and lithium battery combination. These include a maximum speed of 65 km/h (40 MPH), range of around 65 km (40 miles) and a battery recharge time of around 4.5 hours. One key feature Terra pegs on the battery is the fact it is removable and easy to carry, so you can lug it into your apartment, charge it while you sleep and be ready to hit the road the next morning.

As for pricing and availability, Cnet reports December and a price tag of around $4,500.

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