Colombian Police Turn To Electric Motorcycles

It seems lately as if more and more security forces around the world, be it military or civilian, are turning to electric vehicles as a way to help in situations out in the field. One of the latest deployments in this regard comes from the city of Bogota, Colombia, where Zero Motorcycles recently announced 100 of its electric motorcycles will be used by police there.

Zero Motorcycles, which just recently also delivered an order of its Zero MMX high performance motorcycle to U.S. Special Forces, said Bogota police will make use of a unit type based upon its 2012 Zero DS for patrols, traffic enforcement and all daily policing actions within the “Kennedy Sector” of the city.

image via Zero Motorcycles

image via Zero Motorcycles

Specifications of these motorcycles include an approximate range of 112 miles on a single charge, with top speeds of 80 miles per hour. They’ve been up fitted with a series of components developed exclusively for law enforcement, including sirens and LED lights, and make use of regenerative braking to partially recoup energy during deceleration. They are also outfitted with an air-cooled brushless motor and belt driven system.

Zero said this is the largest sale and deployment to date for its motorcycles. It falls on the heels of another 59 police motorcycles being delivered to the Hong Kong Government recently. In the last year the electric motorcycle company also has worked with the Monterey Police Department, Santa Cruz Police Department, San Jose State University Police Department, Scotts Valley Police Department and many large law enforcement agencies, including the London Metropolitan Police.

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