33,000 Ford Hybrids Recalled Over Safety Issue

Ford, celebrating as it may about gaining ground on other green car manufacturers with record recent sales, still faces the same reality others in the automotive space sometimes get tripped up on: vehicle recalls. The American automaker has found an issue with certain model year 2013 C-Max hybrids, and now is voluntarily recalling over 33,000 of them.

The recall for the impacted 2013 C-Max hybrid vehicles, without panoramic roofs, that were manufactured January 19, 2012, through June 25, 2013, centers around a structural issue. What specifically is of concern is that, during vehicle testing by the National Highway Safety Administration, the hybrid “exceeded a head injury criteria requirement” tied to occupant protection in an interior impact.

Ford C-Max Hybrid

Ford C-Max Hybrid at 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show (image copyright EarthTechling)

Ford, to address this issue which could potentially cause increased injury to an occupant during a collision, said it will install plastic energy absorbers between the headliner and the roof for free. This reportedly will address the concern that’s been found which prompted the recall, though there’s been no actual injuries around this to date.

Notifications for those impacted are set to occur starting in mid-August.

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