Vanmoof 10 Electrified Cycle Offers Smart Pedal Assist Tech

Vanmoof, a young Dutch cycling company that’s taken up residency in the Brooklyn area of New York recently unveiled a sleek new electric bicycle that should turn some heads if you are seen riding down the street on it. Called the 10 Electrified bike, only 200 will be made available this year worldwide for a hefty price tag of around $2,600. It looks as if it will more generally be available in stores beginning next April.

As Acquire mentions, the folks at Vanmoof wanted to take their fancy city bike series in a new direction, so that means electrification as one next obvious step. A 250 watt front hub motor, tied to a 209 Wh battery integrated into the frame, offers up power assist pedaling matching up to 80 percent of your own pedaling power. A special computer onboard the bike adjusts the power you need automatically as it senses what might arise as biking conditions change.

image via Vanmoof

image via Vanmoof

Range of the Vanmoof 10 Electrified right now is between 18 and 37 miles, depending upon conditions like road, wind resistance, rider weight and your speed. The battery takes around three hours to fully charge, and the bike comes fully outfitted with many of the features urban riders will need, such as an aluminum frame, lightweight body, high power LED lights, anti-rust drive chain and mechanical front and rear disc brakes.

Also of note in the feature set are two little items for techies: GPS tracking, which would allow one to find their bike in the event it is lost or stolen, and a discreet dashboard built into the frame that offers control over the bike’s features. This latter item is tied to a remote control to turn the cycle off and on as needed.

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