Rover: An E-Scooter With A 606 MPGe Equivalent Fuel Economy?

From that groovy green city Portland, Oregon (where we work and play) comes a new electric scooter from the folks at start up Works Electric. Known simply as the Rover, it comes in two flavors and should be available for public purchase come this fall. The regular model will price at $4,970, with a higher end one going for $5,920.

The Rover range of electric scooters, not to be confused with the Personal Rover electric scooter, is said to be hand built in Portland using many materials sourced locally. In what has to be a bit of a first for these types of vehicles, the developers note it has a 606 MPGe equivalent fuel economy. This self reported MPGe rating, noted by inStash, is not something one normally sees calculated for scooters but instead for electric cars. It is computed based upon the formula of “(Vehicle Range) / (Nominal Power System Capacity) * 33.7 (EPA kWh per gallon of gasoline).”

image via Works Electric

image via Works Electric

Performance specifications vary depending upon which model you opt to purchase. The base Rover, powered by a 770 Wh lithium-ion battery, is projected to have a range of 18 miles, battery recharge time of 3.5 hours and a top speed of 28 miles per hour. The upper end Rover BR, meanwhile, sports a 1,540 Wh lithium-ion battery, range of 36 miles, battery recharge time of seven hours and a top speed of 33 MPH.

What’s interesting to note about the made in the USA, 36V batteries Works Electric uses in terms of their performance is a process they go through called “phase change material,” or PCM. It is said to absorb “waste heat ensuring uniform pack temperature, and has passed the UL 94 V-0 flammability test. The result is industry leading energy density and safety with extended drive range and cycle life.”

Both models have as their electric drivetrain a 3-phase, 120 amp brushless DC motor and make use of regenerative braking to return energy to the battery. Other features of note include a smartphone cradle with USB charger that looks as if it reports performance data through the phone; LED headlights and taillights; front and rear convenience handles and an aluminum construction which looks to be lightweight and durable in all weather conditions.

For those who want to buy in early (i.e. one of the first 10 scooters off the production line), it looks as if Works Electric is offering up an option known as the Founders Series. Those who pass an application process not only get the scooter but also some company ownership, unlimited technical support for a year and early access/influence in helping design future products which might be produced.

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    $5000? FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS? For a sidewalk scooter? At that price I’m sure they will sell a whole bunch of them. Like maybe 3.

  • Reply September 12, 2013

    Rafe Husain

    my 48 lb / 37 mph ebike costs me 220 wh to go 6 miles or about 1600 mpge

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