Finally! An Online Search Tool For Recycling Construction Waste

The percentage of waste that we recycle is directly proportional to the difficulty encountered in finding an appropriate recycling location. That might not be a scientifically-proven fact, but anyone that’s stared at a handful of batteries or a broken washing machine, wondering how in the world to dispose of it properly, knows it’s true. makes it easy for individuals to find appropriate disposal points for just about anything, and now, the company will attempt to do the same for the construction industry. In partnership with Construction Specialties (C/S), Earth911 today launched the first web tool to address recycling solutions for commercial building products at the AIA National Convention here in Denver.

C/S Recycling Locator

Image via C/S’ Recycling Locator

According to both companies, achieving a Cradle to Cradle mindset is a main goal of this joint venture. Designing products to be quickly and easily recycled it only one part of the equation, however. If construction and renovation companies can’t just as quickly and easily find a place where said products can be disposed of properly, the loop becomes impossible to close.

To achieve this goal, C/S worked closely with Earth911 to create its own custom-recycling search tool. The parties identifed and verifed new facilities that would take C/S’ materials in addition to listings already included in Earth911’s Recycling Directory.”

The newly launched Recycling Locator allows users to be geo-located or they can enter their zip code to find the most convenient recycling center. The locator assists users in finding landfill alternatives for the following materials:

  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • Polyester curtains
  • Doors
  • Mastic primer
  • Mastic adhesive

“It’s exciting to see Construction Specialties step out as a true leader and tackle the challenge to demystify recycling for the benefit of an entire manufacturing segment. Construction materials are definitely a category of material that sorely needs attention,” said Corey Lambrecht, Earth911 President and COO, in a press release. “The Recycling Locator is the most comprehensive solution to herald this change. We’re thrilled to be a part of this first in the construction industry.”

Try the Recycling Locator here.

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