Enervee & Amazon Team Up For Energy-Smart Online Shopping

Do you like shopping for appliances online, but sometimes wonder whether you’re really seeing all of the options? Me too. Especially when it comes to energy efficiency and the true life time cost of one product over another. Who wants to be shopping at their favorite online store, only to have to write down all of their possible selections, and then surf over to an energy-efficiency rating site to see how they stack up?

Enervee (a free energy-smart scoring platform for appliances and electronics) recently announced a new development that will turn this time-consuming process into an easy one. Amazon Marketplace is now integrated with the Enervee rating tool to show you exactly how much you’ll spend on electricity bills over the lifetime of using a product.

Enervee TV Screenshot, Amazon

Image via Enervee

You may be wondering, as I was, what exactly makes this tool different from the plethora of other electronics ratings systems already out there. Here’s what Enervee had to say:

“The Enervee Score… is the only dynamic, scientifically based energy efficiency score integrated directly into the online shopping experience,” said a company rep. “Alternative solutions are mostly government provided (Energy Star and Energy Guide), not part of the consumer shopping experience, and use static data that is either not actionable or out dated and does not cover all of the latest products on the market.”

Enervee Localization of Rates

Image via Enervee

Entering a zip code and electricity provider allows for an even more customized experience, using your utility company’s current rates to give you a near-exact estimate of lifetime cost. And with the Amazon integration, shoppers can see the real-time Amazon user reviews we love, and view which products are most popular at the time with Amazon customers.

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