Blu Homes Plans Luxurious Model Home In L.A.

Pre-fab has such a negative sound to it. Like an assemble-it-yourself bookcase that always leans to the right. So when someone suggests a pre-fab house, we immediately assume that it’s cheap and low-quality.

Blu Homes is an American company looking to change that assumption by delivering pre-fab homes that are both luxurious and decidedly green. And pretty soon you won’t have to take their (or our) word for it. The company recently announced plans for its first model home on a hillside lot in Los Angeles, and says it will be just the first of many nationwide.

blu homes model home LA

Image via Blu Homes

The demonstration home will be located in Agoura Hills. It will feature a 2,900 square-foot Breezehouse layout with a separate 24’ Pod, that potential residents could use as a guesthouse, yoga room, or home office. In total, the home will offer four bedrooms, four bathrooms and attached garage.

blu homes model LA

Image via Blu Homes

Step inside, and the last thing going through your mind will be “pre-fab”. In addition to soaring ceilings and a modern open floorplan, the home will offer ample bedrooms with walk-in closets, a 5’ x 5’ walk-in shower in the master bath, folding Nanawalls on either side of the Breezespace and expanded storage, including a walk-in pantry.

blu homes model home LA

Image via Blu Homes

Here’s the best part: All Blu Homes are LEED Silver certifiable and are solar-ready. Beyond the standard green features that Blu includes in every home, such as recycled steel framing, radiant heat flooring, high R-value walls and energy-efficient appliances, most models can achieve net zero energy status, Energy Star rating and higher LEED certifications with the inclusion of other available green elements.

Suddenly pre-fab seems like short for pretty fabulous.

When finished later this year, the home will be open for private tours by appointment and public open house events hosted by Blu Homes.

Beth Buczynski is a freelancer writer and editor currently living in the Rocky Mountain West. Her articles appear on Care2, Ecosalon and Inhabitat, just to name a few. So far, Beth has lived in or near three major U.S. mountain ranges, and is passionate about protecting the important ecosystems they represent. Follow Beth on Twitter as @ecosphericblog


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    I like the idea.

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    We have the same issue with perception of ‘prefab’ here. I interviewed the CEO of PrefabNZ recently ( On the plus side, there’s a growing opportunity for people to show leadership like this.

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