Ikea Urges Policy Action In Climate Change

It’s easy to assume that all corporations are climate deniers, but retail giant Ikea, along with many other major brands, recently proved that to be false. The Scandinavian interior decorating brand recently joined the likes of Unilever, Intel and Starbucks in launching a 100-day campaign urging federal policymakers to take action on climate change.

The companies, in coordination with BICEP Business for Innovative Climate and Energy policy, today signed a ‘Climate Declaration’ asserting that tackling climate change is one of the greatest American economic opportunities of the 21st century. Throughout the 100-day campaign, other leading businesses will be encouraged to sign the Declaration and join the call to action.


Image via IKEA

“In the wake of a disaster like Hurricane Sandy, it’s easy to point fingers—at industry, regulators, government officials—but several years ago, I came to the conclusion that society is not going to solve our most vexing environmental problems by simply deciding who’s to blame. Instead, we must shift the levers of power by involving the major players in our capital markets,” writes Mindy S. Lubber, President of Ceres, which is spearheading the initiative.

Together, the Declaration signatories provide approximately 475,000 U.S. jobs and generate a combined annual revenue of approximately $450 billion. At the event, several signatories of the Climate Declaration discussed how extreme weather events like Superstorm Sandy have affected their businesses and exposed our country’s economic vulnerability to climate change. They also called for Congress to address climate change by promoting clean energy, boosting efficiency and limiting carbon emissions – strategies that these businesses already employ within their operations.

“Businesses understand that planning for a successful future takes investment today. One of the most important things Congress can do to grow our economy and protect our planet is to pass smart climate change legislation this year. Our workforce, supply chain and consumers are counting on us to lead the way,” said Anna Walker, Director, Government Affairs and Public Policy at Levi Strauss & Co.

Beth Buczynski is a freelancer writer and editor currently living in the Rocky Mountain West. Her articles appear on Care2, Ecosalon and Inhabitat, just to name a few. So far, Beth has lived in or near three major U.S. mountain ranges, and is passionate about protecting the important ecosystems they represent. Follow Beth on Twitter as @ecosphericblog

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