Energy Efficiency, Security Reach Across All Political Lines

Don’t be fooled into thinking that you can’t sell energy efficiency products or services to those who don’t fit the typical eco-conscious or green personas.

Michael Brune, executive director of the Sierra Club and a keynote speaker at the recent Babson College Energy and Environmental Conference, cites that some of solar company Sungevity’s top referrals are Tea Party folks, who tend to lean far to the conservative side of the political aisle.

Tea Partiers may not favor government funding of clean tech and renewable energy programs, but many of them believe in energy security. “They care about their ability to own their own power,” Brune says.

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This actually fits one the profiles of potential green tech and energy efficiency customers. Energy security is a big and growing issue for some, and many of the lean conservatively.

You can also sell energy efficiency and green to those more interested in saving money than the environment. And health is big issue among women, making them targets for green products like ventilation systems that provide clean air.

In additiondevastating storms like Hurricane Sandy and the drought still affecting large areas areconvincing more people that climate change is real, and prompting some to take action to power their homes with energy storage systems in the event of a weather-related catastrophes. One the best and well-received energy-savings smart grid programs is headed by Oklahoma Gas & Electric, in the heart of not-so-green country, but where air conditioning costs can soar through brutal summer temperatures.

Moral of the story: Energy efficiency doesn’t have to be a “green” idea. We at GreenTech Advocate shave seen acceptance of energy efficiency grow from a hippie-dippie greenie Al Gore thing to something most everyone can embrace, in just a few years. It is even being positioned as good for the economy.

greentech-advocatesEditor’s Note: EarthTechling is proud to repost this article courtesy of GreenTech Advocates. Author credit goes to Steven Castle.

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