A Wooden Bike You Assemble Like Ikea Furniture

There’s something really satisfying about building things. Carpenters and other skilled tradesman have known this secret for a long time, but for those of us not familiar with handy-work, it’s a surprising revelation. Besides being enjoyable, building something yourself can also save money. Think about assemble-it-yourself furniture: you agree to unravel the directions and keep track of all the tiny screws, and in turn, you get a nice chair or table for half the cost.

Now, Dutch designer Basten Leijh has found a way to bring the same thrill of construction to the bicycling industry. Leijh is the creator of Sandwichbikes, an almost all wood bike that can be mailed in a completely flat package and assembled by anyone who can make a sandwich.


Image via Sandwichbikes

Although we’ve featured wooden bikes and even DIY bikes in the past, the Sandwichbike is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. Instead of a welded frame, it is engineered as a ‘sandwich’ of two weather coated frames of layered plywood. Bonded together by ‘smart cylinders’, the frames and components become a rock-solid piece of technology that is both durable and extremely attractive.

According to the designer, Sandwichbike fits in a small, flat package, so it can be ordered online and delivered directly to your door. Everything you need is in the box including the tools, so you can start assembling right away. In total, there are less than 50 parts. If you’ve ever assembled an Ikea bookcase or table, you’re more than qualifed to build a Sandwichbike.

Sales of the Sandwichbike are scheduled to launch sometime this year.


Beth Buczynski is a freelancer writer and editor currently living in the Rocky Mountain West. Her articles appear on Care2, Ecosalon and Inhabitat, just to name a few. So far, Beth has lived in or near three major U.S. mountain ranges, and is passionate about protecting the important ecosystems they represent. Follow Beth on Twitter as @ecosphericblog

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