Renault-Nissan 2012 EV Sales Numbers, While Small, Matter

It’s a drop in the car sales bucket for the global Renault-Nissan Alliance, but nonetheless an important one. The worldwide partnership of various automakers reported that, out of 8,101,310 vehicles sold last year, 43,829 were zero emissions vehicles. Not impressed? Consider this – it is a 83.8% jump compared to the same car segment for the previous year.

Since sales began in December 2010 to the end of 2012, the Alliance sold 67,723 zero-emission vehicles globally, it said recently. Nissan Leaf sales led those of partner Renault, which itself launched two new electric cars. Overall its worldwide electric car market share sits at around 64 percent. This excludes the two-seated urban commuter from Renault known as the Twizy.

2013 Nissan Leaf at 2013 Detroit Auto Show (image copyright EarthTechling)

2013 Nissan Leaf at 2013 Detroit Auto Show (image copyright EarthTechling)

Last year, Nissan pushed 26,976 Leaf electric cars across its global markets, which is said to be an increase of nearly 22 percent from the previous year. Since the vehicle launched in December of 2010 it has sold thus far 49,117 units around the world.

Renault, by comparison, sold around 10,000 less electric vehicles than its partner. Totaling 16,853 last year alone, this is decent considering its total sales of zero-emission vehicles have been 18,606 since it first entered this market in October 2011. The French automaker offers a wider range of EVs than Nissan, including the Kangoo Z.E. small van, the Fluence Z.E., an all-electric sedan, based on the conventional Fluence sedan, and the subcompact zero-emission ZOE.

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