Polaris eBikes Built Around Rider’s Expectations

Late last year, off-road vehicle manufacturer Polaris announced it was entering the electric bike segment with EVantage, a maker of electric motors and e-bikes. Polaris has now released details on its new eBike lineup, which go on sale in spring this year.

All Polaris eBikes are built off an eight-speed mountain bike equipped with an electric motor and battery. According to EVantage, the eBike separates itself from the competition utilizing technologies based on how owners actually ride their bicycles.

Polaris Electric Bike

image via Polaris

The main example is the Polaris eBike’s power modes. Most ebikes offer either pedal assistance or throttle control. The Polaris eBike offers both, and enhances them with proprietary technologies such as Biosync Pedal assistance to make the ride more natural feeling while pedaling. Riders can also coast strictly on the motor alone.

The Polaris eBike’s DuoDrive motor has two modes which allow the rider to effortlessly cruise on flat surfaces such as streets or switch to more challenging terrain like inclines or hills. Switching between modes is done automatically.

The eBike’s lithium-ion battery has a range up to 30 miles between charges at the maximum speed of 20 mph. The range plummets to 10 miles maximum if the eBike is ridden strictly on the throttle (i.e., without pedaling). The battery is portable and can be detached to be recharged as well as left on the bike. Recharge rate is between 4-6 hours. The Polaris eBike also recharges the battery when it goes faster than 20 mph and through the use of regenerative braking. Owners can note battery charge via an LED as well as on the eBike’s IC dash module located on the left handlebar. The module also provides information such as bike speed, distance traveled, and even carbon footprint of the bike.

Polaris eBike and rider

Image via Polaris

Pricing is around $3,000. All Polaris eBikes are built with an aluminum frame, 26” tires, and – of course – the eight-speed gearing. Polaris offers three models of its eBike. The Polaris eBike Vector (EV206PH) is designed primarily for urban riders while the Strive (EV306PH) and Strive Step-Through (EV316PH) are aimed for more sporty enthusiasts.

As mentioned earlier, the Polaris eBikes go on sales later this spring in the U.S. as well as Canada and Latin America. It joins a growing list of electric bikes offered here in the states including the Voltage Cycles, Smart ebike, and offerings from Conscious Commuter, whose “foldable” ebike was partially funded by a Kickstarter campaign.

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