Online Tool Helps Your Home Save Energy

When you get a cut or scrape, you use a band aid to stop the bleeding. But what if your house was bleeding and you didn’t know it? Heat Bleed is the result of energy loss in homes caused by such factors as outdated HVAC systems,old appliances, and non-energy efficient windows and doors. However, the main cause of Heat Bleed is inadequate insulation and air leakage, and it not only affects older homes, but it affects newer homes as well.

According to the Harvard University School of Public Health, the United States loses more than $5.6 billion per year to Heat Bleed. But, there are ways to fix the problem! The Energy Response Corps created an online tool to evaluate how much your home is losing to Heat Bleed.

image via Energy Response Corps

image via Energy Response Corps

Online Tool to Find Heat Bleed

Plug is an online tool that helps you visualize how much energy your home is wasting and how much money you might be losing.

Plug estimates how much energy your home is using by using the following factors;

  • Your address
  • The size of your home
  • When your home was built
  • How your home is heated
  • How much it costs to heat your home in the winter
  • How much it costs to cool your home in the summer

Plug also allows you to adjust the evaluation to prevent an overestimation of the effects of Heat Bleed. After your receive results for your home, the site gives you the option to receive an energy audit.

image viaEnergy Response Corps

image viaEnergy Response Corps

The Energy Response Corps aims to “improve [a home’s] energy efficiency-and help you stop losing money.” So, people can use the audit as a chance to stop the bleed.

To learn more about the Energy Response Corps and Heat Bleed, visit

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The Alliance to Save Energy is a nonprofit organization that promotes energy efficiency worldwide through research, education and advocacy. We encourage business, government, environmental and consumer leaders to use energy efficiency as a means to achieve a healthier economy, a cleaner environment and greater energy security.

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    Kifar Yosemite

    NOT much of a “visualization” and the results were completely inadequate. The answer….. have a infrared camera to loan out to get a adequate, real time picture of were the problems are.

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