New App Makes Home Energy Audits Faster & Cheaper

Even though most homeowners are still warming up to the idea that a home energy audit can save them a bundle of cash, its become obvious that the process itself is far from efficient. During an audit, a professional technician gives your home a checkup. This includes checking for leaks, examining insulation, inspecting the furnace and ductwork, performing a blower door test and using an infrared camera. Data collected must be entered into a laptop, or recorded on paper for later analysis. This is cumbersome, time consuming, and not conducive to sharing information with the homeowner as its collected.

Apogee, makers of energy analysis software, developed a mobile app that it claims will revolutionize the way field auditors evaluate home energy use by making audits more efficient and intuitive. The company recently announced that the app, EnergyInsights, the most is now available for use on iPads, tablets or any mobile device.

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As the name suggests, tablets have replaced pen and paper in many everyday applications. No longer just a tool for the geeks at the Apple Store, we see them in the hands of everyone from retail salespeople to the Cable Guy. Apogee’s mobile app now puts the power of portable computing in the hands of the energy auditor.

Using intuitive slider-bars and drop-down menus the Energy Insights app makes it possible for the technician to enter the home’s profile in seconds, while the clean, colorful graphical display helps auditors engage customers in conversations about how
weather, behavior, equipment, and the structure itself affect energy use.

“Rather than working with what can be clunky, cumbersome laptops, auditors can use the more communication-friendly iPads to help
customers understand their options,” said Apogee’s Chief Software Architect, Joel Gilbert, P.E.

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