Electric Truck Build Up On eBay Anything But A Golf Cart

“Why would anybody buy a GEM or EZGO or ?? Golf Cart when something like this is available – actually, unless you were actually using it solely for golf?” So asked is the question which defines this interesting all-electric, low speed vehicle currently for sale on eBay. With a price of $18,000, it is defined by its current owner as an electric pick up truck that’s about the same size as a Toyota Tacoma Crew Cab.

This electric vehicle build, currently licensed and registered in California as being street legal, may be big in size, but still hums like an EV under the hood. While there’s no specific mention of the electric drivetrain this truck sports, it is built by Hi Performance Electric Vehicle Systems out of Ontario, California. Their motor options look decently impressive, so it likely has some good non-golf cart potential to it.

image via eBay

image via eBay

The owners of this car say it gets a range of around 25 miles on a single charge, noting if you switch to lithium batteries you might be able to go twice as far. It is programmed from a speed perspective to only hit 35 MPH, but if one adds a new ring/pinion in the back differential, this speed reportedly could go as high as 50 MPH. Its battery can be charged from a standard wall outlet or a 220v system for faster charge times via is specially built-in receptacle.

Estimated to cost only around $.03 per mile to operate, its pick up style design allows one to haul around a fair amount of stuff like a regular pick up would. It is not bare bones in terms of creature comforts and safety either like a golf cart might be, featuring “two airbags, seat belts, turn signals, bumpers, power mirrors, power door locks, power brakes, power windows, bucket seats in front, Open/Lock keyfob, headlights, an am/fm/cd stereo, interior lights, etc.”

This eBay offering, with around 1000 miles on it, is set to expire on Feb 8.

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