EcoScraps’ Waste-Cutting Potting Soil Now Available At Target

Food waste is a seriously problem in the United States. With millions, mostly children going hungry every day, it’s ludicrous that 33 million tons of food waste reach landfills each year in the United States.

Utah-based EcoScraps has developed a process that recycles this food waste into nutrient-rich compost, potting soil, and soil amendments that helps consumers grow healthy plants without polluting the environment. Now, for the first time ever, EcoScraps’ potting soil will be available at more than 1,700 Target stores nationwide, an expansion that could have a big impact on grocery store waste.

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Image via EcoScraps

As part of the distribution agreement, Target will now divert a portion of its grocery stores’ own expired produce to EcoScraps’ processing facility. This helps to significantly reduce the amount of methane released into the atmosphere as a byproduct of food rotting in landfills, while providing the base material for an environmentally-friendly gardening product.

In its short 3 years of existence, EcoScraps has diverted 15.2 million pounds of food waste from the landfill, and reduced over 9 million pounds of methane. “There is no way to overstate what a big milestone this is for us,” said EcoScraps CEO and co-founder Dan Blake. “This partnership with Target underscores the drive for consumers to find simple, easy ways to use sustainable, high-quality products, and we are excited to be a part of that.”

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