Wind Power Increase Planned For Southern India

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The Southern Indian states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu plan to build a series of wind farms, as India continues efforts to solve power shortages with clean energy.

The Ministry of New and Renewables Energy (MNRE) is currently mapping the best positions for potential farms across a wind-rich wasteland region, forming a ‘wind corridor’ between the states.

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Alok Srivastava, Joint Secretary, MNRE said: “The advantage of (mapping) these areas is that instead of telling wind energy providers to look for potential sites, we can just point them to these zones.”

One identified corridor could stretch from Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu all the way to Chitradurga in Karnataka, providing much needed power to the area.

The plans come the same week a report by the Centre for Study of Science, Technology and Policy was published, which states Karnataka could generate over 50,000 megawatts through its wasteland wind.

India is currently facing a critical power shortage, and many states are seeking sources of clean energy to meet demand.

Aditi Dass, Director of Technology Programs, The Climate Group said: “India must tackle a current energy demand-supply gap, as well as a grid access out of reach for more than 45% of the rural population.

“Clean energy offers an ideal economic solution: India is already the world’s third biggest wind energy market. Tapping the potential of clean energy sources, in particular wind power, as well as ensuring incentives, Government support and infrastructure is ready, is vital if India is to succeed in the clean revolution race. India can then lead the way for other emerging economies.”

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