Voltaic’s Tiny Waterproof Touchlight Makes A Big Splash

We’ve all been in situations where a bright light would have come in handy, but a lack of electrical wiring, room for a lamp, or hands to hold a flashlight were lacking. Voltaic Systems recently launched a versatile LED lamp that provides an efficient lighting solution for these unexpected situations.

The USB Touchlight isn’t big; it won’t replace your living room lamps. But if what you need is a robust light source for a small area that can be charged from just about any USB power source, it’s the brightest idea on the market.

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Images via Voltaic Systems

It may look small and sleek but don’t let the USB Touchlight’s delicate appearance fool you. Made from lightweight recycled aluminum, this LED light is completely waterproof and designed for both indoor and outdoor use. It can be used for lighting households off the grid, emergency preparedness, camping and hiking. Simply press on the patent-pending touch lens to change between three brightness levels (50 to 175 lumens). You can hang it like a pendant light or use the included flex cable to hold it in place like a reading light. It can be powered from Voltaic’s extensive line of solar chargers and universal batteries, as well as any USB port.

For a limited time, Voltaic is offering the Touchlight as part of a Buy One Give One program. For every solar lighting kit purchased, Voltaic will deliver and install a similar kit in a village without power in the Peruvian Andes. “As LEDs become more efficient, they allow us to create cost effective solar lighting solutions,” says CEO Shayne McQuade. “This is the first of several new lighting products coming from Voltaic. Our goal is to replace kerosene and other forms of dirty, expensive lighting for people living without power.”

Available for $35.


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