Masdar City Offers A Glimpse Of Next Eco Expansion

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A lot has happened at Masdar City since our first visit two years ago. Back then the “zero carbon, zero waste” development received a pile of bad press for falling short of its ambitions. The New York Timescriticized the facility’s compound aesthetic and critics around the world predicted that the government-backed initiative would fail.

But… we were all wrong. In the seven short years since its launch in 2006, the many branches of Masdar – Masdar Institute, Masdar Capital, Masdar Clean Energy and Masdar City – have grown from a seedling of an idea into a full fledged engine of economic, social and technological progress. And we’ve been fortunate to see sections of the city never before unveiled to the press. Hit the jump for details.

image via Green Prophet/Tafline Laylin

image via Green Prophet/Tafline Laylin

As part of the tour, we visited the 100MW Shams 1 CSP plant outside of Abu Dhabi that is now very close to completion, met with several senior managers to discuss the intention behind numerous local and international initiatives and attended the Zayed Future Energy Prize award ceremony at the Emirates Palace Hotel.

Additionally, we attended several panel discussions that have given us a new, in depth understanding of the direction towards which the North African, Middle Eastern and Gulf region is headed in order to combat the challenges of energy and water scarcity in the context of escalating climate change.

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