2013 Ford Fusion Energi: 108 MPGe City, 620 Mile Range

Among the range of Ford green vehicles we’ve seen come out in the last few months one of the last off the starting block has been the Fusion Energi. Pricing at around $38,700 starting, this plug-in hybrid has been pulling down some rather impressive numbers from the Environmental Protection Agency in regards to mileage and range on America’s roads.

Ford said the EPA rated the Fusion Energi with an estimated 108 miles per gallon equivalent (MPGe) in the city, besting Toyota’s Prius plug-in model by an estimated 5 MPGe. The vehicle was also certified to deliver up to 92 MPGe highway and a combined 100 MPGe – figures that are estimated, according to the automaker, to help save customers around $6,850 in fuel costs compared with an average new car over the course of five years.

Fusion Energi Hybrid at Los Angeles Auto Show (image copyright EarthTechling)

Fusion Energi Hybrid at Los Angeles Auto Show (image copyright EarthTechling)

Being that the Fusion Energi is a plug-in hybrid, it is capable of driving for a limited amount on electric power only. For this, the EPA rated the vehicle as capable of going 21 miles in EV mode at speeds up to 85 MPH. When the electric part of the car is combined with the gasoline portion it is estimated to have an impressive range of up to 620 miles, which Ford puts at being capable of traveling “Boston to Virginia Beach on one tank of gas and one full charge.”

The Fusion Energi is said to be a product of 20 years of research and behind the software and hardware technology it offers, incorporating many of the nearly 500 patents it holds in the area of hybrid technology. The hybrid’s powersplit technology, for example, which reportedly allows for more efficient operation of the vehicle, consists of more than 200 patents alone.

In other nods to the environmental and efficiency spaces, incorporated into the car is the company’s latest generation of SmartGauge with EcoGuide. This offers information such as fuel economy that can be displayed on one of two 4.2-inch LCD screens, helping drivers monitor how their driving behavior affects vehicle efficiency. In the right cluster, Ford noted, “redesigned imagery of green leaves shows overall driving efficiency. The left cluster can display numerous screens that contain information about the vehicle and how it’s being driven. Brake Coach, for example, helps drivers optimize their use of the regenerative braking system so that driving range can be maximized through proper braking techniques.”

Additional green-minded features include an “eco” cruise control option, EV mode button, regenerative braking and a charge port with LED light ring.

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