New Canadian Electric Scooter Has Style And A Decent Price

Amego, a seller of electric vehicles such as electric bicycles and electric scooters, recently introduced in Canada a new stylish scooter that is easy on both the miles you can travel as well as the wallet. Dubbed the E-Breeze it retails for $1,150 CAD, or around $1,165 US.

The E-Breeze electric scooter, according to AutoEvolution, has about a 28 miles range on a full charge of its silicon gel lead acid battery. It has a top speed of close to 20 miles per hour, which is possible via its 500W brushless motor and a 48V power system, and takes up to six hours to fully charge the battery. This latter item is also removable. This scooter also looks to have pedals on it if you look at the image below.

Amergo E-Breeze

image via Amergo

With front disc and rear drum brakes, the two-seater E-Breeze has an extended rear rack and comes in a variety of color choices. It has an LCD meter that provides information on speed, distance traveled, battery strength and time driven. The seats are made from vinyl and overall the scooter weighs around 143 pounds, while being capable of carrying 300 pounds of load.

There’s been no specific word on if this electric scooter will head south across the border to American distributors. For now, it looks to be available in a handful of places in Canada’s Ontario province.

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