GM Sail Spring EV Goes After Chinese Electric Car Market

General Motors, even as it is busy showcasing its newly unveiled Chevy Spark EV electric car in Los Angeles, also is evolving global plans of electrified vehicle roll outs in other key markets. One of the latest is China, where Shanghai GM recently announced the Sail Springo EV, pricing for around $41,400. While this is a little on the expensive side for electric cars, especially in a market seeing trouble selling these types of vehicles, buyers in Shanghai can get incentives of up to $9,635 from the central government and $6,420 from the local government, dropping the price to a more reasonable $25,345. This price is remarkably close to that of the Spark EV after incentives offered here in the United States.

The Sail Springo EV, according to Shanghai General Motors, is the first production electric vehicle created by a Chinese joint venture between it and the Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center. It is based off of what’s described as a a new electric vehicle architecture developed by the two, which includes an electric motor capable of producing 85 kW of power and up to 510 Nm of torque and allowing acceleration from 0 to 60 MPH in around 10 seconds.

Sail Springo EV

Sail Springo EV (image via GM)

This new Chinese electric car has a top speed of around 80 MPH, a maximum driving range of 80 miles under a variety of road conditions and 124 miles at a constant speed of 37 miles per hour. The Sail Springo EV is said to consume less than 15 kWh for every 60 miles or so, and costs around $0.73 per 60 miles or so to drive when charged during lower-cost off-peak hours.

Features of the vehicle include vehicle charging that can be managed and monitored remotely using a smart phone mobile app provided by Shanghai OnStar; a color display, multimedia entertainment system and information display center with a 7-inch high-definition dual touchscreen; one touch access to a 20 percent boost in acceleration at the beginning and middle of the torque curve while driving; regenerative braking and newly designed front and rear anti-collision beams made from what’s described as ultra-high strength steel.

There was no mention of whether or not the Sail Springo EV would appear in overseas markets such as here in the U.S.

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