Coda Tosses In A Free Level 2 Charger With EV Purchase

You have to give a hand to electric car company Coda Automotive in California. They are desperately trying to think of ways to draw in consumers to buy their all-electric sedan capable of an EPA rated combined driving range of 88 miles per charge. First it was offering a fat rebate on the purchase of the vehicle through the end of October, and now through December 2 the ante has been upped to a tossed in Level 2 home EV charger.

Coda said those who buy one of their Coda Sedans in California, which is the only market where the electric vehicle is available right now anyhow, will be offered as an incentive a complimentary home GE WattStation Wall-Mount Level 2 EV charger, plus a home assessment and installation of the charger conducted by Mr. Electric. The retail value of this promotion is $2,000, so in some ways it is a much better deal for most than the previously offered rebate.

Coda Sedan

image via Coda Automotive

A Level 2 homer charger, according to Coda, will let one charge up the electric car’s lithium-ion phosphate battery pack fully in under six hours. Charging at home is seen as a growing trend in California, with a recent study finding over 90 percent of plug-in electric vehicles owners in that state having a residential charger installed. Some of these types of chargers, such as the GE one, are also smart grid-enabled, allowing their owners the ability to access lower electricity usage rates over time depending upon their utility.

The Coda Sedan costs around $37,250 before select federal and individual state savings and credits drop it down to $27,250. The battery pack is covered by a rather nice 10-year, 100,000-mile limited battery warranty. Those who want to check out the vehicle in person have a few places where they can go in California to see it, including CODA Los AngelesCODA of Silicon ValleyFladeboe CODA in Irvine, Calif.; and Marvin K. Brown CODA San Diego.

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